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WikiRebels – The Documentary

This is an important and interesting wikileaks documentary that has received quite a lot of interest from around the world. It can be viewed here in full length.

The documentary film team does a good job of getting under the surface of the wikileaks organization and Julian Assange. They unravel the driving forces and the ideology behind the people that run Wikileaks and those who brings it forward.

It’s also an eye-opener when it comes to what we always have suspected – that power corrupts and that secrecy is it’s right hand.

Bosse Lindqvist and Jesper Huor, who followed the team behind the Wikileaks documentary, says in an interview, quote:

“Even people within Wikileaks has wondered why SVT got this access when other media hardly managed to reach them by telephone. I think one reason for that may be that we where one of the few producers that was genuinely interested in what they where actually trying to accomplish.”

WikiRebels the Documentary aired the first time on Swedish televison dec 12th, 2010.

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